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Surviving Workplace Burnout When You Can’t Quit

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of us to pause, reevaluate and think about what we REALLY for our future.

We have noticed a shift & many employees that suffer from burnout from the five-day working week have adopted a digital nomad lifestyle, moved across the country, changed careers, & have taken well-deserved career breaks.

However, what happens to the rest of us that may not be able to (financially) take time out from their career to travel/ backpack around Europe or make a career change and try something new?

The Value of Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself can prevent your workload from becoming jam-packed and unrealistic!

Rather than being the “yes” person in the office that agrees to extra responsibilities (and feels guilty for saying no), a simple Thank you for asking me, but that is not going to work for me” or “I won’t be able to, but why don’t you ask Kaitlin to help?” can go a long way.

Are you sure I should be doing that?!

When did you last check (and dust off!) your job description and the responsibilities of your current role?  Do they match up? Are the assigned tasks beyond what you’ve been hired to do?  If so, don’t panic! It could be time for a 1:1 chat with your Manager to discuss the expectations of your role.   Is there support available?  Can you hire an Intern to help? Or delegate the extra tasks/ responsibilities to another team member? 

Also, when was your last pay review? 

Change of scenery? Yes please!

A great way to improve the brain’s capabilities and boost mental health is by changing the scenery. Co-working spaces, WFH, local libraries and cafes are all great spots to mix things up as places to work.

Changing the scenery is crucial and has been linked to enhanced happiness

If you can’t change desks or need to work at home, break up the day by walking around the neighborhood with your pods on! It will help clear your mind and is great for your physical health.

Switch Off 

I’m hopeless when it comes to technology! And I am definitely guilty of scrolling on my phone when I should be outside, enjoying time away from my screen. However, I have been using the “Sleep Focus” Goal on my phone, recommended, which has made a BIG difference!  

Please let me know if anyone needs advice/ recommendations for better sleep! My Aunt Moira is the CEO of Sleep Foundation Australia and helps individuals and groups achieve better balance/ sleep in their lives. 

I have to admit, I still feel very guilty for putting the purple “do not disturb” notification on. Still working on this!


When you get home from work or finish for the day, if you’re WFH, take time to relax! Listen to music, watch an episode of your favourite show (#RHOBH), cook your favourite meal, speak to a friend or pop on a podcast.

Relaxing is essential for your mental health and well-being and can release stress from your mind and body.  If you have young kids, spend 10-15 minutes before bedtime focusing on yourself (wishful thinking?!).


Ten minutes of meditation is proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Can you find somewhere at home or nearby (park or bench in your street) whereby you can close your eyes & focus on your breath? This will take some practice.

There are some great Apps to download that are worth listening to, such as; Calm, Smiling Mind, or Headspace for guided meditation and tips on how to quiet your mind.

Burnout can happen to all of us.  I’ve certainly felt it myself.

If you have already tried these tips and are still struggling, speak to a trained counsellor or call Beyond Blue or Lifeline.  


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