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PR Salary & Culture Guide

The Iceberg PR Salary & Culture Guide Q1/Q2 2023 data was collected anonymously over a 6 week period to gather insight as to how people feel about their salaries, promotion opportunities and recognition, and value placed on non-monetary benefits such as working from home.   The PR Salary & Culture Guide Q1/Q2 2023 gives an indication of current public relation agency salary standards, from PR Coordinator to Agency Owner level.

We surveyed 100+ Australia wide (agency and in-house) based Public Relations talents over a six week period, to find out current salaries, the best workplace perks and overall attitudes within the PR industry.

To say that Q1 & Q2 were quiet months for PR recruitment is an understatement.  In my opinion, two critical factors that have played a role in the lack of hiring for the initial periods of 2023, those being the increase in federal  property interest rates and global layoffs, off the back of mass hiring sprees in 2022.

In Silicon Valley alone, we watched big names like Google, amazon, Yahoo, Meta and Zoom layoff a combined 84,714 people just in the month of January alone, which exceeded the total number of layoffs for the full year of 2022.

Does this impact Australian salaries?  Will the inflated salaries that we saw hike in 2022 finally settle?

Enjoy this PR Salary & Culture Guide and feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.

Anna x

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