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Negotiating Pay Rises: Do’s and Don’ts

How much should I ask for? When’s the right time to ask? What if I’ve already accepted an offer and want to change my mind?


These are just some of the questions we get asked regularly here at Agency Iceberg. Negotiating a pay rise and communicating your worth is a skill that can take years to refine and not everyone finds it easy, that’s for sure!


Following our sold out event earlier this year, Agency Iceberg are again collaborating with the crew at Miss Collective to deliver Negotiate Your Worth, a workshop on October 18th in Melbourne.


In the two-hour workshop, I’ll cover precisely how to approach a pay rise request, how much to ask for and how to negotiate authentically so you’re in a position of being able to communicate the value you bring to your employer.


Negotiation is a two way street – it is not about ultimatums. A successful negotiation has both parties feeling good about the transaction while taking emotion completely out of the conversation. I’ll share my experiences of negotiating pay rises in the past, scripts for practicing your pitch at home and how to tackle tricky push back queries.


Knowing what to ask for is just as important as knowing how to communicate it.  


By clearly and confidently articulating the value you bring to a business, supporting your statements with examples of impressive deliverables and asking for what you want, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate a positive outcome for your career.


If this is something you find challenging – like most of our job seekers do – consider coming along to the workshop.  Your enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence.


We’d love to see you there!

Book tickets here.