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Need to update your resume?

We find that this is the best format for the PR, digital marketing and advertising industries. 

Contractor FAQs

We love our contractors! Below you’ll find everything you need to know if you undertake contract work with Agency Iceberg. 

How do I submit my time sheets?

Email your timesheets directly to your line manager and cc by close of business each Friday.

What are the typical work hours?

Agency Iceberg contractors work eight hour days with one hour unpaid break. If you work additional hours, make sure you have approval from your line manager before charging additional hours. (Not sure what your overtime rate is? Call us!)

How do I complete my invoicing?

Each Friday you need to invoice your contracted agency (not Agency Iceberg). Please ensure you include your ABN on your invoice and forward it directly with your timesheet to your line manager. Please ensure you cc Superannuation is included in your daily rate (and your overtime hours, too).

Business FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Agency Iceberg’s recruitment services. If you would like more detail on any of our terms of business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

What are your fees?

We charge 15% of the total remuneration package that is offered to a Talent, for permanent job placements.

Freelance and contract rates are quoted upon the project. Payroll options are available.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a three month “like for like” replacement guarantee.

If you are not happy with the hire (culturally or professionally) you are entitled to a free replacement at the same level. Redundancies will not be replaced.

What are your payment terms?

Invoice terms are strictly seven days from the invoice date. To ensure our guarantee is valid, the invoice must be paid on time.

Can I contact the Talent directly after a certain period of time for a job opportunity?

We ask that once a Talent has been introduced to you via Agency Iceberg (phone, Zoom or email) that you keep communication through our agency.

Agency Iceberg reserves the right to represent Talent for a twelve-month period once an introduction has been made.

How will you find a Talent for my business?

Just like the Iceberg analogy, we go beyond basic recruitment to find the perfect match for your business.

We utilise our extensive (global) network, online platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Jora, B&T, Adnews, Jora, Pedestrian) and ensure we’re regularly in touch with both our passive and active talent networks to find the best professional & cultural fit for your job brief.

Our extensive face-to-face screening and reference check process ensures there are no questions left unanswered.

Want to make your business a more diverse and inclusive work environment?

Download our free workplace diversity and inclusion guide. It’s a roadmap to making your workplace safer and more accessible to all and features input from some of Australia’s leading equal opportunity organisations.