We love our contractors! Below you’ll find some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other queries please remember we are here to assist you.

Firstly, ensure you are punctual as all employers favour this attribute. Secondly, make sure you arrive each day appropriately dressed and prepared for the role.

Email your timesheets directly to your line manager and cc by close of business each Friday.

Agency Iceberg contractors work eight hour days with one hour unpaid break. If you work additional hours, make sure you have approval from your line manager before charging additional hours.

(Not sure what your overtime charge out rate is? Call us!)

Each Friday you need to invoice your contracted agency (not Agency Iceberg). Please ensure you include your ABN on your invoice and forward it directly with your timesheet to your line manager.

To make sure we are looking after you (and to make sure you are paid by your contracted agency in a timely manner), please ensure you cc

Superannuation is included in your daily rate (and your overtime hours, too).