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PR & Culture Salary Survey Guide

The 2023 PR & Culture Salary Survey Guide is now live (download here)! We surveyed 100+ Australian (agency and in-house) based Public Relations talents over a six-week period, to find out current salaries, workplace perks and overall attitudes within the PR industry.

Here are some of the BIGGEST results from the data we collected:

  1. 66% of people are wanting to move in-house in the next 12-24 months (work 4 days and consult x1 day)
  2. 43% of ppl are allowed to work 3 days from home
  3. 5% of ppl are not allowed to work from home at all
  4. 51% of ppl in their current role have never asked for a pay rise
  5. 45% of respondents said that they’ve never had a salary review at their current work due to still being on probation, owning the company, freelancing, and having a set contract
  6. 15% have not asked their manager for a pay rise in the past 12 months
  7. 50% of the survey respondents requested a 10% pay increase (49%), while  8% and 13% were the least popular (3%)
  8. 49% of those surveyed felt happy, supported, and challenged at work, while 11% said they were not happy or supported.

Q1 & Q2 were quiet months for PR recruitment. Budgets tightened​ and with​ rising property ​interest rates ​(and rental increases) and subsequently​​ ​mortgage payments, ​many of our clients had to put hiring on hold. ​And, afterwards, a big wave of redundancies occurred across the PR, advertising, digital and marketing industries, causing a decline in GDP.

In Silicon Valley alone, we watched big names like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Meta and Zoom layoff a combined 84,714 people just in the month of January alone, which exceeded the total number of layoffs for the entire year of 2022.

Today, the RBA finally put interest rates on hold, at 4.1pc. There is light at the end of the tunnel, we can beat inflation!

Enjoy this PR Salary & Culture Guide and feel free to email me HERE. with any questions or queries.


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