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PR Do’s and Don’ts


PR is an industry where you have to be reactive, creative, a good communicator, think on your feet – and keep people happy.

We caught up with Leading Lady Lainie Coombes, Director of Project PR & Media, to ask her: what tips would she pass onto a younger version of herself, starting out in PR?

Do: Work From The Goal, Backwards

“It’s so much more valuable [and your life will be easier] if you partner with one outlet and work out what they need to have a compelling story [rather than blanket contact a ton of different outlets hoping it sticks]. Work backwards from what they need to create a compelling story. Do you need an expert? Do you need a good pic op? Do you need a case study?

“Really understand what’s going to make a story for any given outlet. There’s definitely a formula for what makes a good story, and depending on the publication, you work backwards from there.”

Do: Be Vigilant With Emails

“In PR, everything moves so quickly so it can be easy to hit ‘send’ to the wrong recipient [believe me, I know!] Be very vigilant with your emails and don’t put the recipient’s email address in until you’re ready to send it.”

Don’t: Hide Behind Emails

“Journalists can be intimidating. Especially when you’re new to the biz!

“Pick up the phone to make things happen. Don’t hide behind an email. When you call media; get straight to the point. They are time poor and need to know your pitch in under 10 seconds.

“You’re not going to get anywhere by following up with another email. Just do it.

Don’t: Take It Personally

“The important thing in PR is to have thick skin. If a journalist is not interested in your story; find one that is. Don’t take it personally, don’t dwell on it; just get onto finding a solution.”

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