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Talking about your Salary could make you Wealthier

When it comes to putting our numbers on the table, discussing salary has always been and still is a social and professional taboo. After working close to a decade in recruitment, talking about and negotiating what we earn is now second nature to me.


Salary transparency is fundamental to a flourishing workplace, where each employee knows their worth and feels valued. I recently spoke with Mamamia on how bringing our salaries to light can have a positive effect in the long run for our careers, and in fact – make us richer.


Here’s a snippet:

“Studies have found that women typically ask for the salary they think they’re worth, whereas men tend to ask for the salary they want. If women had a better idea of what their peers were taking home, perhaps they’d feel more confident asking for the same, rather than remaining in the dark and undervaluing themselves as a result.


“I’m not suggesting we all start posting our salaries to social media or that we should feel compelled to fess up to anyone who asks what we earn, but being transparent about our salary in appropriate professional situations (even just in ballpark terms), can be incredibly positive and constructive.”


Check out the Mamamia article here and our Salary Guide here.


Photography by Breeana Dunbar.


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