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MELB PR SAE (Lifestyle, F&B, Tourism)

This Talent has over 4 years of PR experience, working with a wide range of lifestyle and hospitality clients – from hotels such as 100 Queen’s Gate and Trafalgar St James, to restaurants Cento, Bindas Eatery and Zoom East, and bars such as Savage Garden, The Rooftop and PocketSquare. Has also worked with sustainable fashion brand My Wardrobe HQ, crystal oil brand LLIO and interior design brands including Staffan Tollgard and Gabriel Scott.

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne 
Experience: 4 years
Specialties: iMovie, Photography/Videography, Social Media Management, Copywriting
Areas worked in: Lifestyle, F&B, Tourism
Salary: $70k+$75k+

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