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MELB MID Content Producer (Film & TV)

Mid Content Producer with 3+ years. experience who is adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritising deadlines, and maintaining meticulous attention to detail. Through previous responsibilities, they have achieved many accomplishments in customer service, communication and organisation, and have worked on a number of social levels, which has tested their productivity and competency to work in multiple areas and offer a variety of services to individuals. Experienced in scheduling, VO/mix recording sessions, liaising with talent agents, studios, and other industry professionals, organising travel for interstate shoots, and working with freelance/external staff.

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 3+ years
Specialties: Leading jobs from start to finish, producing TVCs, radio, digital and social spots for numerous clients, scheduling and planing meetings/WIPs/edit viewings, liaising with media agencies
Areas worked in: Media, auto, alcohol, retail
Salary: $75k+

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