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MELB Freelance PR SAD (Tourism, Beauty, Retail)

A trusted, reliable, and hard-working public relations professional with a passion for delivering successful campaigns, driving advocacy, and creating and maintaining strong internal and external relationships. With 12 years of experience in the public relations industry (mostly PR agency), the Talent is committed to premium execution and continuous improvement, while achieving outstanding quantitative and qualitative results. A natural communicator and team leader, her experience spans the consumer goods, retail, and major event sectors as well as peer development.

Available: 2 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 12 years
Specialties: Driving advocacy, PR
Areas worked in:  Consumer goods, retail, major events
Salary: Day rate $614 + GST (Rate incl pay to talent, super + agency service fee) PERM $110K-$120k+ (in-house roles only)

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