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MELB Digital Marketing Director (Finance, Legal, Banking)

Currently Head of Marketing, APAC, at a leading global recruitment agency, this marketing Talent plays a pivotal role in establishing the APAC marketing function from the ground up. In FY2023, she achieved a significant 14% increase in regional NFI (Net Fee Income) through strategic marketing initiatives, contributing to a 5% YoY growth. With a background in public relations and event management, the Talent brings a wealth of experience in client engagement and multitasking, having served as the primary client contact for multiple accounts in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

Available: Available Mid-July 2024
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 14 years
Specialties: B2C and B2B marketing, PR, event management
Areas worked in: Finance, legal, banking
Salary: $140k+

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