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MELB Digital Marketing & Communications Manager (Retail + Fashion)

Experienced in digital marketing and communications with a strong background in retail and fashion industries, this Talent has had international exposure outside Australia, and has provided a global perspective to customer behaviour, enhancing market expansion strategies, and honed decision-making skills throughout Europe, Asia, UK and more working for Cotton On Group. Proficient in eCommerce as well as logistics. Skilled in strategic planning, people leadership, and integrated communications. Excels in data-led, fast-paced environments, collaborating cross-functionally to achieve impactful results contributing to business success!

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 5 years
Specialties: Strategy, digital marketing, market expansion, Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, Content Square, Salesforce eCommerce Cloud, Lexer Customer Data Platform
Areas worked in: Consumer, lifestyle, retail
Salary: $120k+

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