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MELB PR AM (Corp, Tech, Lifestyle)

Brand storyteller and a communications specialist passionate about developing compelling narratives and creative campaigns that achieve brand objectives. Strong corporate PR, crisis communications, stakeholder and media relations career with over 7 years of PR and Integrated Communications experience. Excellent interpersonal skills and adaptability which are reflected in the Talent’s work during her time at global agencies (Edelman, BCW Global, LEWIS) based in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Managed teams and planned communication strategies for some of the world’s most notable brands: Amazon Web Services, Spotify, Oracle, INFINITI, Samsung and Logitech.

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 7+ years
Specialties: Microsoft Suite, Isentia, Sysomos, Meltwater, LinkedIn
Areas worked in: Consumer, lifestyle
Salary: $80K

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