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Taking Advantage of the Upper Hand in the Job Market

I’ve written, recently, about 2021’s talent shortage. Despite all of our fears this time last year, the market is saturated with jobs – a dream situation! It’s a chance for talent to take advantage. No searching job boards without any result. No sending applications into a black hole. No banging your head on the desk in frustration. It’s a chance for everyone to take their next career step and expand their horizons!

Unfortunately, many job seekers are doing the exact opposite. Instead of taking advantage of the market, they’re taking advantage of other people. This type of behaviour WILL leave a sour taste in the mouth of clients and your reputation will be at stake.

Life happens. Sometimes we change our minds. Sometimes we end up with multiple offers and aren’t sure what to do. We don’t want to disappoint people, but ghosting a job interview is NOT the same as ghosting a bad date. People’s time and money go into the interview and hiring process, and behaving rudely burns bridges. Out of respect for your own reputation and other’s energy, under NO circumstances should you ever:


Pull a no-show


Feeling sick? Alarm clock didn’t go off? Dog had an accident and bit the neighbor? Pick up the phone and call someone to give them a heads up.

Just because it’s a job-saturated market doesn’t mean interviews (and people’s time) are less valuable. Time and money go into their organisation, and missing one without reaching out says that others’ resources aren’t worth the time it takes to send an email. It’s just plain rude. And, people will remember. 


Ask for more money after the fact


I will always be a cheerleader for talents negotiating their worth. For never letting clients take advantage. I’ve cut ties in the last year, with clients who were offering unfairly shaved down salaries and I’ve discussed again and again about how to ask for a pay review.

BUT! There is a difference between asking for more money once you have passed probation and asking for more at the offer stage! Be honest and upfront when you first make contact with the client (or your Recruiter) about your salary expectations. 

Recently, many talents have started asking for more money once they are at the offer stage which either means, the Recruiter hasn’t discussed their salary expectations properly when they first meet/speak or the talent is trying to see how far they can push the boundaries.  Either way, it’s unprofessional and salary should be discussed from the get-go to avoid awkward conversations and disappointment.   

If this happens to you and you really do feel that the salary should be higher, can I suggest the following?

Agree with the client that once you pass your probation, if you are hitting your assigned KPI’s and receiving positive client feedback (and also from your line managers) then “x” will be added to your salary package.  Then, the next salary review will be 12 months from this date. 


Ghost an interview or a job


Yes, this is happening. 

Talent is not showing up to interviews and not letting their Recruiter or the client know. 

Why? They had a better offer elsewhere the day/night before and couldn’t be bothered to tell anyone. This is extremely rude & disrespectful.  

If you had a better offer come through, let someone know. Confrontation can be hard – but your reputation is important.  A simple text or email will pay off.


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