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Surviving Interview Fatigue

Tired of being rejected after interviews? Interview Fatigue is REAL!

I’m constantly hearing stories from talents of feeling tired, exhausted and completely over-applying for jobs!

The market is incredibly tough right now. Covid is “over” so most companies are back to normal. Borders have opened allowing for interstate and overseas talent to be considered for roles. More importantly, financially the cost of living is HUGE right now. Businesses are tightening their budgets – if they don’t have to spend money on a freelancer, they’ll load up a permanent employee to do it and simply expect that they work overtime. There are also fewer jobs available – check the job boards now compared to last year, and it’s easily 60-70% fewer jobs advertised.

Talents are interviewed in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 rounds and then rejected after completing mini-tasks or worse, waiting to hear back from clients after such a drawn-out interview process. So, what is the feeling of exhaustion, defeat and tiredness that you have been feeling? It’s interview fatigue. What can you do about it?

Look After Yourself 

Ensure you’re getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating healthy. Acknowledge when you are feeling burnt out and do something that will uplift you. Catch up with a friend, go for a run, read a book, etc. Reach out to services such as Beyond Blue or Mindspot for confidential counselling to help you through this challenging time – asking for help is not a weakness.

Mix It Up

Attending interview after interview can feel like Groundhog’s Day. Before an interview, write down a list of basic questions you feel might be asked and role-play them with a friend, housemate or family member. And, always be yourself! Adding humour or a story during the interview and being natural is totally ok!

Time is Money

Have you made it to the 2nd or 3rd round and the client has asked you to complete a mini-task? GREAT! Ensure it’s at most 2 hours of your time or you can request an hourly rate (as the company is 100% sure going to benefit from your presentation, you can kindly ask to be reimbursed).

If the company refuses to pay you for your time, it’s a sign that they may not respect your time and ideas. Move on and find an employer that does!

No, Thank You

Have you been rejected after the 4th interview as the job is “no longer available?” Yikes.

Engineering Manager, Mike Conley wrote a viral LinkedIn post about withdrawing consideration for a position he was interviewing for. Sometimes, making the decision to cut your ties early can lead you to a greater path.

Right now, the job market in Melbourne is challenging. Property Interest rates are high, which has a ripple effect across the employment industry. Clients are scared to spend and talents are just as afraid to leave their jobs.

However, the job market is cyclical and nothing ever stays the same.

Be kind to yourself, know your value, and look after yourself. If you need help finding your next position or need advice, please reach out to me anytime ( & remember to sign up to our weekly Hot Jobs eDM, which showcases the latest jobs we have available!


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