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Side Hustle

Is having a side hustle the new trend of 2024?

With the cost of living skyrocketing in the last few years, many people are figuring out ways to make an extra dollar. Anything from rideshares (Uber driving) to starting a podcast for extra cash, the list is long.

It’s becoming a necessity to “be” someone. And be paid for it.

Recently, many employees have stepped out and decided to explore the world of OnlyFans as a means of making more money after hours. And, some employers are not happy about it. 

In 2023, Aussie Annie Knight was fired after 5 days of employment when her Boss became aware of an active OnlyFans account. She was legally dismissed based on the fact she was “operating another business without notifying her employer”, as laid out in her contract. 

Since this court case, new side hustle policies are being rolled out in many Australian workplaces. Specifically, to forbid the use of OnlyFans as a second income. The key reason being, that this may create difficulties to a business “due to possible reputational damage”

Review Your Contract

So, if you do have an active side hustle and plan to join a new organisation, what are your options?  

Read through your contract and take note of any mention of taking up a second job and any conflicts of interest. Sometimes, employers will specifically put in the contract that the employee must not work with their clients outside of work and/or they must not engage in similar work in their personal life. If your contract doesn’t specify anything, speak to HR or your Manager about any company policies that spell out what the employee can and can’t do regarding side gigs.  

Breach of Employment

While your contract may not specifically lay out the do’s and don’ts of a side hustle, sometimes the nature of your gig can cause a breach of your employment contract and/or your industry’s ethical guidelines. 

According to Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers having a risque side gig can create specific risks in regulated professions and public roles. These could apply to such professions, including nurses, teachers, doctors, etc. 

In March 2023, NSW nurses were warned by the Nursing and Midwifery Council not to post on OnlyFans since it could be “a distraction for patients”.  

Nothing is Private

It’s important to also remember that whatever is posted online is never private, even if it’s subscription-based.

Photos, videos, and messages could be intercepted and shared to thousands of people in an instant. Even if you don’t tell anyone or only tell your closest friends, chances are that word will get around about your secret gig.  And, whilst you have nothing to be ashamed of, be mindful that people can be nasty.

In this day and age, everyone seems to have some sort of side gig to their full-time job. Whether it’s walking dogs on the weekends, being a social media influencer, or something more risque like having an OnlyFans page.  

Do you have to inform your full-time employer? What if you don’t want to or feel it’s necessary to inform your employer what you get up to after work hours? Personally, I feel honesty is important. However, this is your personal choice. 


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