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Review Time

It’s review time! What REALLY matters to you in 2024?

What will you be discussing with your Manager this month?  Do you have solid evidence of results to support your discussion when you ask for a pay rise or a new job title?

I recently ran a LinkedIn poll, asking respondents what REALLY matters to you in your job. And, if you don’t achieve it, will you consider leaving to find something else? 501 voted over three days + 20k impressions… The results are in!

  • At least an 8-10% pay rise  19%
  • A pay rise & new job title  18%
  • WFH flexibility + Pay rise  60%
  • Nothing – I won’t ask  3%

One respondent commented that they “wanted respect”, whilst another person said they “wanted their company to keep up with the latest technology”.

A key reason to have a yearly review is to ensure your position and job duties are being met.

Walking into a review can be nerve wracking, especially if you feel there are conversations that you are worried about (asking for a pay rise!). My advice is to practice with a friend so that you feel comfortable.  And, always walk in with tangible evidence (print out evidence of achieving your goals or feedback from clients) to back up your case – especially when it comes to salary.  If you are asking for a salary increase, come prepared! 

Your manager is likely to discuss:

  • How do you feel you are tracking in your role, both professionally and culturally?
  • Provide you with an assessment of your work, based on KPIs, feedback from clients, additional Managers and possibly colleagues
  • Discuss goals that you have previously put in place and if you have achieved these?
  • Put in any new goals (if necessary) to ensure you meet the company’s expectations 
  • Develop strategies for improvement areas 
  • Set new professional and personal goals to work towards.

At the end of the review if you are still not happy, or you receive news that you feel uncertain about, you may need to think about booking another time to discuss this further with your Manager? Or think about what’s best for your career?

Good luck!

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