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Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile

A common question asked by our Talents each day in our office is, “Do I need a LinkedIn profile?” In short, yes!

In early 2016, LinkedIn reported a total of 450 million users, with two new users joining every second. Having an up to date LinkedIn profile will make your long and arduous job search that much more effective. We’ve listed the key points as to “why” it’s worth your while to keep an updated professional online profile, regardless if you are looking for a new career opportunity or not.


It’s a snapshot of your CV

Unlike your-run-of-the-mill 2 page CV, a LinkedIn profile offers to showcase your interests, a more in depth summary of your work experience as well as skills.

It’s a one stop shop for recommendations, examples of your work, charities you’ve been involved in all topped off with a professional photo of yourself (On this note, please avoid ‘selfies’ on both LinkedIn and your CV. No, they are not professional and never will be!).

From a recruiter/hiring manager point of view, it gives us a better idea of the professional version of you – thus making it easier for us to ‘sell your skills’ to your dream company!


Let your future employer find you, not the other way around

It’s in your best interest to keep an updated LinkedIn profile at all times, whether you’re looking or not. The social platform allows you to build the ideal professional version of yourself and believe us when we say that Talent Agents/Recruiters/HR Managers and hiring professionals search and headhunt LinkedIn to fill jobs now more than ever.

When there are a plethora of Account Managers and digital specialists to choose from for one role, having an up to date LinkedIn profile will definitely help add you to the shortlist.


It creates a connection between you and your dream role

An up to date LinkedIn profile can also help you get one step closer to your “dream job”

Not only does an active profile allow connections to contact you but you also have access to contacting others. You are able to look up organisations that are on your “wish list” of agencies/companies to work for and read about any job vacancies that they have available and apply directly.

You also have direct access to adding and contacting the Directors, CEO’s and hiring Managers of the Business. Treat this with caution and professionalism at all times though!

A privilege of this access is to also note how long each staff member has worked for the organisation, their background, what they studied, their previous career path etc.

Even better if you have an upcoming interview, use LinkedIn to your advantage and scope out who will be interviewing you – if the hiring manager has an interest in volunteering at local animal shelters on weekends or running national marathons for charities and states that in their profile, what a great icebreaker to chat about!


Grow your network (to use for later!)

“I’m not looking for a job at the moment, and so I don’t need a LinkedIn profile.” LinkedIn is not just a recruiting/job hunting tool, you can use it to provide value to your networks. At Agency Iceberg, our CEO Anna O’Dea consistently shares thought leadership posts, #LeadingLadies articles and job hunting tips.   Use your profile to keep up to date with industry trends, tips and reading that you can share with your colleagues. You need to stay up to date and ensure that you don’t fall behind with industry trends!

Want more job searching advice? We’re always happy to help at Agency Iceberg! Contact us here.