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It’s Not a Question of Waiting, But Adapting

In the space of a few weeks my business, like most others in the country, has undergone a rapid pivot. I started the year with a shortage of talent as many of my clients in the digital, marketing and PR industries (particularly the events and experiential sector) were on the hunt for fresh, innovative talent to distinguish their organisation in an increasingly crowded market.

Then the pandemic was declared and everything changed. 

With all national events on hold and entire industries (hospitality, beauty, fitness)  gone into hibernation, companies needed time to process it all and as time is money, the best way to buy themselves time was to tighten their belts and scale down as quickly as possible. 

That meant wage reductions or redundancies. And lots of them.

For two weeks or so my phone was ringing every few minutes. The range of talent calling me ran the gamut from juniors who were on the wrong end of the ‘last one in first one out’ trend that redundancies tend to take through to GM level talent who weeks ago I would not convince for neither love nor money to leave their plum roles. The calibre of talent I now have on my books is unbelievable and likely to keep me busy for the next six to twelve months. 

It’s been a few weeks of serious change now and whilst we’re still adjusting, I’m already seeing some trends. 

For one, the market has entirely new needs

Brands are seeking to sure up their digital presences, reassure their audiences, and are brainstorming new  ways to connect from a distance. 

Running lean isn’t going to cut it

For the companies I recruit for, it’s become pretty clear that running lean is not the way to fulfill those market needs. My observations fall in line with broader market trends. LinkedIn has reported an explosive 17.3% growth in the tech sector as well as upticks in business strategy, marketing strategy and account management related roles. As a recruiter, this says to me that companies are seeking to sure up their technical offerings whilst adapting their business and marketing approach to a radically changed landscape. 

Time to adapt 

Perhaps in this difficult time, the light at the end of the tunnel is not so much a return to normalcy, but an ability to pivot and adapt through a combination of technical prowess, digital strategy and masterful brand messaging. 

How we can help you do it 

These are all skill sets that Agency Iceberg specialises in. 

We have crisis communications specialists who will help reassure, social media strategists who will engage from afar, and eCommerce specialists with the marketing, design and technical development skills needed to manage the growth in online shopping. 

As a recruitment expert specialising in the fields of PR, advertising, digital design and marketing, I know exactly how to search for a talented professional who matches the needs and culture of your company. The talent pool is large at the moment, so I’m sifting through dozens of resumes on a daily basis to find motivated, skilled and highly professional talent that I can be proud to place with the companies I work with. I’m working harder than ever, and the calibre of talent I’m able to connect you with has never been higher. 

We are living in uncertain times, but uncertainty, like any other state, is something we can adapt to and thrive in.