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Is it time to rethink digital display?

For more than a decade, digital display has been a vital part of any integrated campaign, driving vital traffic to brand’s digital properties.

Over the years, growing use of ad and content blockers, and public perception towards online advertising has shifted CTR’s dramatically.

Its time digital goes beyond the traditional ATL campaign model and delivers real engagement through content and innovation.

The usage of ad blocking software has continued to grow – year on year up 41%.

Ads in the form of popups have been disabled by default for years; Flash is finally dead and if we look at the future of operating system software, IOS9 will give users the ability to block ‘content’ at the OS level.

It is estimated the use of ad blocking software is costing advertisers ~$21.8B globally in the last financial year. To give you some context: Google admits that 56.1% of the ads on their network aren’t even seen by the user.

If we look at the statistics, across all ad placements for digital display, the average CTR is now only 0.06%.

The way brands purchase and leverage digital display is changing dramatically. How can brands and marketers start spending budgets more effectively?

Brands must leverage consumers as primary advocates.

Customers are spoiled for choice and have become accustomed to transparency, due to social media and search tools. Brands that fail to provide high level of customer experience will risk losing sales and advocacy.

Invest in big data and personalised content.

Businesses need to invest in more direct forms of consumer interaction to take potential customers to willing advocate status. This may include digital assistants, artificial intelligence, digital beacons and NFC technologies and integration of big data with personalised content.

UGC leverages consumer advocacy and thereby, sales opportunities.

Social media represents a growing means of customer interaction and opportunities for brands, differing from digital display in that consumers choose to engage with said brand. The use of user-generated content provides an opportunity for brands to leverage consumer advocacy, sell on their behalf.

Digital display isn’t dead; it’s evolving.

Agencies and brands must apply the same creative approach to budget allocation to find the most cost effective strategies.





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