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How to network authentically

I love talking to people for a living and helping them land their dream job. 

I was one of four women asked to share insights on the ways men and women network differently for Womens Agenda. Here’s an excerpt:

“Women and colleagues in my industry tend to attend industry related events, local meet-ups (PRINKS, B&T Awards, French cooking classes for example), asking for referrals within their network and utilising social media to meet new people/business connections.

“Having come from a PR background, networking comes quite naturally to me. Approaching a group of strangers at a local digital or cooking class meet-up and introducing myself is something I do instinctively, which led me to a career in recruitment.

“In general, men are quite happy to walk into a bar on their own, watch a game of football and talk to complete strangers. Amongst the men I spoke to about networking in my immediate circle, many said having a common interest to bond over (football, surfing, exercise, boxing, cars) made networking and socialising comes much more easily.

“They also said social media was a big factor; particularly when looking to date/socialise.  Some said they preferred to be ‘behind a screen’ and prevent rejection when networking than walk up to someone in person and introduce themselves.”

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