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How to land that promotion

Ever wondered what it takes to land the promotion or pay rise of your dreams?

We sat down with the Managing Director of PR Edge, Fee Townshend to ask her: what does it take to get noticed by senior management for career progression?

Present solutions: not problems

“Going to your boss with solutions to problems is key. Even if you’re not sure if it’s the right solution it demonstrates you’re taking accountability seriously and understand that dealing with challenging situations is part of your job.”

Handle yourself during tricky situations

“Negotiation is a biggie. If you can handle yourself during tricky periods or with challenging clients – the right people notice for sure. If you’re able to work towards a positive outcome under challenging circumstances, that is an invaluable skill to an employer.”

Scrap the collective moan

“Culture plays a bigger part than many people realise. When it gets challenging, people notice if you have a collective moan or you get on with solving the issue. My experience tells me those with a ‘glass half full’ outlook are always more likely to approached for career progression opportunities.”

Make your bosses life easier

“This might sound self-serving but … making your bosses life easier is always a good idea! [Laughs]. I’m a busy person and I have a beautiful daughter to think about in addition to getting the work done. I can’t tell you how amazing it is when my team come to me with their own solution to a problem – and this automatically makes me feel more comfortable giving them more autonomy, responsibility, which leads to career advancement.”
Fee Townshend is the Managing Director of PR Edge. Check out her impressive career progression on LinkedIn.