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How to ask for a Payrise

As someone who has worked in almost every top agency in Australia, Executive Producer Ange Lin knows a thing or two about negotiating salaries and contracts.

In her early 20’s, she was about to ask for a pay rise. She went in shaking, about to cry when her boss said to her, ‘It’s OK Ange, you just need to say the words’.

“He basically mentored me through asking for a pay rise”, says Ange. Not all employers are like Ange’s, and if you are at a point in your career where you feel your worth and contribution needs to be translated into a payrise, here are tips from what Ange has learned over the years:


Remove emotion, replace with fact

Do the research for your current role in your industry. Bullet point what you’re doing that excels the list of criterias. Be honest with yourself, know that you are capable and develop confidence from it.

That way you’re taking out the emotion out of the negotiation.

If you are governed purely by emotions then you won’t achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

This negotiation is fairly black and white, either you deserve it or you don’t.

It’s not an emotional discussion if the argument is based on logic and facts. Like anything in life, if you’re not using emotion as centre stage it can’t be the focus point for discussions.


Consider what’s at stake

Think of this from your boss’ side. What would be the cost to the company if you left? Is the value you add measureable by numbers? Can you really put a price on the value you add to the culture of the company? Do you impact the productivity of your colleagues?


Practice the pitch

Your boss is going to immediately ask you ‘Why do you think you deserve it?’ And you have to have a solid answer.

Definitely practice the pitch with a friend and get them to play tough cop. Once you can articulate your worth, and ask for a pay rise without getting emotional, you’re ready.


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Agency Iceberg Founder Anna O’Dea will be hosting a two hour workshop in collaboration with Miss Collective on how to ‘Negotiate Your Worth’ and will be guiding attendees as to how to back yourself and confidently ask for a payrise at your work. The workshop will take place on July 20, from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Gravity. Tickets available now!