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Should You Go Freelance?

Ever day dreamed about throwing away the day job and living a life of freelancing, coffee dates, long lunches and three-day working weeks?

The reality is that freelancing can be a tough gig. You have to really know yourself before you rent yourself out.

Before you consider the jump – be crystal clear on your personality strengths, weaknesses and the working conditions that work for you.

Try our little quiz for size. Are you a little bit of the left side – a freelancer? Right side – employee? Or, a little bit of both? Which ever way you are inclined the good news there is no right or wrong answer – it’s all about understanding yourself, where you really thrive – and making small changes along the way to land the gig of your dreams.

should i go freelance contnt

The Results

Mostly left column

Sounds like you’d suit the freelancing life!

Do your research before jumping ship. Chat to other freelancers, pick their brains. Find other freelancers who are doing what you want to be doing so you can start to develop a network. Have some back up cash (approximately 3 months rent) up your sleeve. Find agents or agencies to find work on your behalf while you raise your profile. Definitely find a part time job to pay the bills while you establish yourself.

Mostly right column

If you’re already employed, yet did this survey … are you happy where you are?

You might benefit from making a list of career aspirations – then mapping out whether you’re on track to achieving them. For example, is your current job getting you closer to where you want to be? Do you need to have a chat with your boss to change a few things at work? Being more transparent with your employer can help both of you create an ass kicking role and career progression.

A little bit of both columns

You don’t need to commit to either!

The trick here is to establish your deal breakers (the elements you can’t work without) to find the right working style for you.

Find the elements that are NOT NEGOTIABLE and refine your options from there.

For example, if you love working autonomously, but not having a regular income brings on a panic attack, freelancing ain’t for you. One option might be to work as a contractor only on long-term projects.

Or, you might continue working full time with your employer and negotiate different working styles or arrangements that give you flexibility to work on projects outside of the day job.

I have no freaking idea

You’re not alone. It’s a journey, baby!

The good news is there are so many people who can help you figure it all out. Friends, family, counselors, therapists, life and career coaches, recruiters, trusted colleagues, acupuncturists – they can all help.

Work is not a commitment for life – it’s all about fine-tuning what you want to do and how you’ll get there. Successful people fine tune regularly – consider this discovery process a step in the right direction.

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