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Digital Salary Survey and Guide

Ahh 2022, the year of the Optus & Medibank data breach, flexible/ hybrid work culture becoming the new norm, salaries going up-up-up and Elon Musk buying a new billion-dollar toy!

We wanted to check in with our superstar digital talents that are currently working in both the SYD & MELB markets and find out, what really motivates them to stay in their current jobs? Life before and after Covid-19 looks different. Professionally, will you fight for a salary increase OR flexibility at your next review?

In October, we surveyed 100 talents over a four-week period. Our (confidential) 2022 Digital Salary Survey & Guide will give you a better understanding of current salaries in AUS across digital production, marketing, social media, content, copywriting, CX, paid, SEO/ SEM & studio management. Real data, in real-time.

Some of the data shocked us and others didn’t surprise us. 3% of the respondents we spoke with STILL have a mandatory 5-day week in the office…WTF!!! 29% of ppl have asked for pay rises since May! 15% were too scared to ask their Bosses and were waiting for their Manager to initiate it. We cover WFH, industry benchmarks, salary (dis)satisfaction, pay rises, salary inflation, and office perks—all the important info! 

Work in the digital space? This guide is a MUST read. Download your FREE copy of the 2022 Digital Salary Survey & Guide HERE.


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