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Digital CV’s and Salaries: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

It’s almost here! Our very first (of many) #LeadingLadies events whereby women in senior leadership positions will be speaking about workplace related topics that will inspire, empower & encourage others to be the best version of themselves.


The digital job market is ever evolving.  Whether this be with hybrid roles and new technologies that require Talents to be constantly upskilling, at Agency Iceberg, we often hear digital folk ask the following questions to our Talent Agents;


  • What salary should I ask for in my job interview? OR Can I even discuss salary at a job interview?
  • What should or shouldn’t my digital CV include? How can I make it stand out?
  • I have 10+ years industry experience in Graphic Design and have just completed a UX Design course, can I add an extra $15K-$20K to my base salary in my next role? Why/Why not?
  • In  my next role, should I jump sides and go client-side/agency side?
  • What do digital careers in the future look like? And how can I stay up to date with current trends?


We’ve hand picked four of our stand-out #LeadingLadies to specifically share with you the latest trends across the Australian digital landscape and share their personal experiences as to how they landed their current roles, and how YOU can also break into the industry.


On the panel, the following #LeadingLadies will be breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly of digital CVs and salaries:

Ange Lin (Executive Digital Producer at CBUS)

Harriet Wray (Operations Manager at CHE Proximity)

Julia Birks (UX Lead at Isobar)

Ally Watson (Founder of Code like a Girl)


What can you take away from the night?:

– An understanding of digital CVs: What looks great,how to stand out and how to improve your employability

– An understanding of digital salaries: Managing expectations once you graduate and giving you a  real perspective as to what you are worth in the digital market

– Learnings about the digital industry you’re about to enter

– Access to a realistic Q+A with #LeadingLadies

– A no bullshit panel discussion with real data about what you can expect to earn in your first 1-5 years in digital (both agency and client side)


Launched on the night:

– Access to a downloadable salary guide of all digital disciplines (Digital Production, Digital Development, Digital Design and more.)

– Want to negotiate your worth at your work? We’ll provide expert tips via the first downloadable mini worksheet.

– State of Industry Report 2017 – A detailed report of the most consistently challenging conversations with over 4,000 job seekers across digital production, print & graphic design, brand & design, PR, media, digital development, social media & content, UX/UI, project management, as well as experiential and events sectors.


Tickets are F-R-E-E. This event will be taking place on June 29th at General Assembly from 6pm – 8pm.


Drinks and nibbles will be provided on the night. We’d love to see you there!


Register for a free ticket here.