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Career Break

How often do you think to yourself, “I’m ready for a career break”.  You’ve hit the wall in your career or just feel that you need time off from life? OR maybe you have family commitments that force you to take time off or want to take time off to travel the world?

In 2024, burnout and mental health are hot topics to read and write about. Looking after yourself should be a priority, right?  Burnout can lead to some very serious health issues (stroke, heart disease, depression) and can leave a lasting toll on you. So, why can’t we all take a career break?


It’s great to dream about taking a career break, but is it REALLY possible? 

Yes! If you financially plan for it over a six to twelve month period and discuss this with your employer, a career break is possible. 

Speak to your employer about taking leave without pay or even better, you might have long service leave. Many employers are allowing employees to take a year off without pay and welcoming them back after their break. If your employer isn’t keen on the idea, evaluate your options and quit if you need to. If you find yourself struggling financially, you can always cut your break short and return to work. 

Ready, Steady, Go!

Everything is lined up and you’re ready to take time off. Now, what? 

Have you had a chance to think about what you want to accomplish during your break? Keep in mind, a career break doesn’t mean a “break through”. You can simply take time off to travel, write, see a long-lost cousin or just complete the garden in the backyard.

Use this time to relax your mind and body. If you feel that you have commitments holding you back from leaving, put them on pause. OR if you feel that you could feel “bored” by not working, why not look into a new hobby or volunteer option? OR short course to upskill or pursue your (new) passion!

Back to Reality

When you’re ready to return to work, book some time with your Manager to chat about what a role/new role will look like.  Do you want to return full-time or part-time?

Do you want to stay in the same field or move into a different area of the company?

The pandemic shook up the workforce like never before and many employers have very different views on gaps in CVs than before. Do you need to update your CV to reflect the Gap year you have taken?  When updating your CV, you must mention your career break and what skills you gained during that time. Afterall, the skills and experience you’ve gained add to your employability and make you a desired candidate! 

If you need advice on your CV or heading back into the workforce, drop me an email or contact me via LinkedIn. I’m always here for advice and a chat!


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