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Agency Iceberg

Burnout rife in your agency? Read this.

Agency professionals have some of the most stressful jobs in the world, due to their reliance on tight turnarounds, pressure to deliver big results and lots of moving parts.

A client facing role means agencies are under increasing pressure to be responsive to breaking news, in all of their clients’ industries, 24 / 7. They are at the mercy of their clients’ demands.

Despite the best of intentions or leadership initiatives, unhealthy or inefficient working styles can creep into the workplace and have a big impact on employees’ effectiveness, focus and overall happiness at work.

Over-workers risk burning out and losing motivation and clarity around their professional goals. This affects their productivity, happiness and the environment of those around them.

With the right tools, knowledge, guidance, mentorship and support, the risk of overworking and burnout can be significantly reduced, leading to a happier, healthier workforce.

I’ve managed to burnout not once, but three times, during my 12 year career, due to a lack of experience, guidance, boundaries, strong leaders and not understanding exactly how overworking was affecting output.

After many years of learning, refining and research, I now give 60 minute workshops, tailored specifically to agencies in Melbourne.

In these workshops, I share tactical tips on how to avoid overworking to ensure you and your team keep on track to delivering client requirements without burning out, ensuring you are able to retain your people for as long as possible.

If you are interested to book a session – be sure to get in touch.