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SYD Director (Content & Strategy)

Award-winning Director with 15+ years of global experience working both inside brands and at major advertising agencies big and small. They’ve created growth-proven branding, digital, social and content campaigns, from strategy to ideation and execution, for many different industries and have learnt the importance of a global, cross-cultural and inclusive sensibility having worked in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific.

Available: 2 weeks
Experience: 15+ years
Specialties: Engaged collaborators across multidisciplinary stakeholders in brands and agencies, brand building/strategy that solves business problems through impactful campaigns, fully integrated creative direction, from digital to social and traditional media, creation and production oversight of over 150 TV/video/photography productions
Areas worked in: Beer & spirits, tech, wellness, travel, public service, healthcare, foundations, finacial, B2B & SaaS, telecom, retail, beauty, auto, fashion, food & bev, FMCG, entertainment
Salary: $160k-$180k


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