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 SYD ADV Group Account Director (Healthcare)

An ambitious high-level Group Account Director and Brand Guardian, who has evolved from a successful career in strategy. This talent is passionate about the power of creativity and lateral thinking, combined with an appreciation of the importance of data. Their roots are in the traditional brand and creative strategy for comms, content and brand experience, and they are highly experienced in and passionate about the digital landscape and are always considering design thinking, data, technology and automation in all of their dialogues with clients.

Available:  Available immediately
Experience: 15+ years
Specialties: Client relationship management, brand strategist, digital strategy, PR strategy, content strategy, business development, portfolio management, brand experience management, marketing automation, team management and mentoring, process optimisation,  creative research, creative planning, social media strategy
Areas worked in: Consumer goods, health, insurance, travel and tourism, resources, social platforms, e-commerce, automotive, consumer technology, alcohol, FMCG, alcohol, fashion

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