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Operations Manager/ Snr Producer

Senior Producer/Operation Manager with 15-years experience creative marketing, account management and digital/product production career spanning advertising, hospitality, consumer, technology, film and fashion in Melbourne with International / Australian clients. This talent’s passionate focus is to inspire small and large teams to deliver on-deadline, budget-oriented, ingenious results. They have led teams of 50+ on FMCG and B2B campaigns and directed project-specific specialists in boutique agencies, quickly scaling creative work environments.

Available:  Four weeks
Experience: 14+ years
Specialties: Creative marketing, account management, digital/product production, international product manufacturing, master problem solving, team management, strategy, agile project management, budget management, content production
Areas worked in: Advertising, hospitality, consumer technology, film, fashion FMCG, B2B, alcohol, banking, government

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