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MELB UX Lead (Energy)

UX Lead with experience across the energy, B2B, SaaS/tech and finance sectors across Australia and APAC. Their strength lies in understanding customers and crafting segmented strategies that build relationships and drive value. Experience with small-scale startups and large corporations has taught them excellent stakeholder management skills as well as the ability to make autonomous decisions when needed. Adept in the core tenets of design thinking, they apply a solution-focused mindset with all my teams. 

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 10+ years
Specialties: B2B and B2C marketing, LinkedIn, webinars, content, management skills, attention to detail, an analytical mindset, SQL and high-level data analysis experience, in-depth knowledge of the Australian business landscape
Areas worked in: Energy, B2B, SaaS/tech, finance
Salary: $170k+

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