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MELB PR AM (Corporate)

Creative and profits-oriented PR AM with seven years of experience in managing PR and marketing operations, creating innovative content, distributing content on appropriate platforms, and measuring marketing activity results to increase web traffic. Proven success in developing successful PR and content marketing strategies, writing and editing website and social channel content, preparing dynamic copy, measuring user engagement, and determining audience needs to ensure consumer-driven web content.  Exceptional skills in implementing forward-thinking initiatives and concepts for online publication to create trusted client relationships. Strong ability to communicate effectively and aptitude to work with cross-functional teams.

Available: 4 weeks
Experience: 7 years
Specialties: Content marketing management, strategic PR planning, market trend and research analysis, PR operations administration, strategic PR leadership, marketing project management, key relationship building, staff training and development, and cross-functional collaboration
Areas worked in: NFP, education, print, media, food, and hospitality
Salary: $90k-$95k+


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