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Melb Mid Project Manager (Advertising)

Mid-Project Manager who is passionate about advertising, particularly in the Account Service and Project Management area, where they enjoy helping people and companies grow even bigger. Skilled in running client WIPs and presentations, creating contact reports for client and internal updates, running HTML-5 and Google Studio Dynamic Banners with clients and developers, and briefing client work to the creative studio through internal briefing meetings and structured briefs.

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 1+ years
Specialties: Interpreting and writing client briefs for internal art and digital studios, using BCC Spectra to open jobs, raise purchase orders and create estimates, marketing strategy development, running client and team WIPs, analysing video and content production work, Google Studio Creative for Programmatic Banners
Areas worked in: Higher education, auto, tourism, defence
Salary: $75k+

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