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MELB Investment Exec (Media B2B)

Highly motivated Investment Exec who possess strong problem-solving, creative and communication skills. Known to be self-motivated and great at multitasking within fast-paced environments, ensuring that they can meet targets in a timely manner without compromising quality. Experience in implementing and managing campaigns, creating and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders, and creating mid and end-of-campaign reports.

Available: 4 weeks
Location: Melbourne
Experience: 1+ years
Specialties: MS Office Suite (Office/Excel/PowerPoint), Adobe Suite, Canva, Siebel (CRM), MS Dynamics 365 (CRM), Google Ads,, Spectra, ETam, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, SEO, SEM, paid search advertising
Areas worked in: State gov, telco
Salary: $70k+

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