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MELB PR Senior Account Manager (B2C) 

Senior Account Manager with the ability to build personal, loyal and transparent relationships in a short space of time with clients, colleagues and media whilst leading and developing teams of all sizes. This talent thrives on transforming a business ‘issue’ into a business ‘solution’ through a combination of strategy, clear communication and simplicity of thought, to cut through the noise; helping to deliver both their colleagues and clients to their own vision of success. 

Available: Available immediately
Experience: 8+ years
Specialties: PR planning/implementation/POC, coordination and planning of product placement and news features, PR events press office planning/management/execution, budget, scope of work management and forecasting, copywriting, strategic and creative brand consultation, talent and influencer management, PR sample management and distribution, team management, creative influencer campaign management

Areas worked in: Fashion and beauty, lifestyle, FMCG, technology, sport, wellness, food, alcohol

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