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Integrated Producer (broadcast/radio/digital)

This talent is a Senior Integrated Producer with a history of managing campaign budgets up to $1.8 million. They are highly skilled at delivering integrated, end-to-end production management of TVC, Online, Radio, Animation & Photography.

Available: Feb 2021
Experience: 7 years
Specialties: TVC Despatch, Clear Ads Australia, Adstream Radio, BCC Enterprise, Spectra, XERO finance management, animation, photography, management of simultaneous productions, call sheet & shot list development, talent management, casting briefing, deal memos, talent release, usage rollover, CGI & animation briefing and end-to-end management, third-party production briefing & cost management, pre-production documents and cinema despatch management
Areas worked in: Transport, government, military, insurance, FMCG, education, consumer goods, postal, sports, health, retail, not-for-profit, real estate and energy

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